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MMM: Nigerians blast top guider, Chuddy for throwing End of Year Thanksgiving party

Nigerians, particularly social media users have blasted top guider of Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox, MMM, Chuddy Ugorji for ‘lavishing’ money on end of year party in Lagos State.

They said he should feel some remorse for what participants and supporters are currently going through after the alleged crash of the ponzi scheme instead of celebrating.

They alleged that Ugorji, Wednesday, threw a massive party in the state to mark the end of the year thanksgiving service ‘after having made so much money from MMM.’
See some reactions on Facebook…
Aji Chiwendu: “@Chuddy, so you have the guts to throw a party after you guys got me stranded this Xmas season? Na God go punish you and your family.”
Just Thinking: “He is a beast, he=goat. Don’t let me catch you.”
Wilson Ezenwa: “Hahahaha. I’m trying to be calm. Is this for real? He has connived with MMM founders and now he is lavishing our money in a so-called end of year party for MMM? Who attended? What money are they spending?”
Jess Dickson: “My pastor warned me but I didn’t listen. How will I celebrate this Christmas when I invested all the money I have for MMM?”
Hilcrest Chioma: “I am dreaming.”
Folake Ayo: “Chuddy, or whatever you call yourself, if my money goes, you go!”
Onome Stanley: “This top guider, God is watching you on plasma TV. I’m even lucky na only 20k I put.”