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Advance ICT Skill Set Training in Jos, Plateau State - Bizcliq Worldwide & NTA Jos

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has an important role in the world since we are now in the information age era. Companies and organizations now rely on ICT to make their jobs and business easier.
ICT is one of the biggest growing industries therefore knowledge of ICT is vital with the widespread use of technology at home and in the workplace, the knowledge and skills can help to provide self employment, earn an individual reasonable income and a life time wealth.

Bizcliq Worldwide in partnership with NTA Jos presents An 8-day Life Transforming Workshop On Advance ICT Skill Set.
  • Courses include:
  1. Solar System Design and Installation
  2. CCTV Design and Installation
  3. GSM Security Alert System
  4. Vehicle Tracking System
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VENUE: NTA Jos premises
TIME: 10am to 4pm daily
DATE: 6th to 14th Feb., 2017

  • Cost of form is N1,000
  • Minimum Qualification is SSCE but a holder of FSLC with years of working experience will be considered
  • Workshop fee is N10,000 per each course. Participant who wishes to register for ALL-4-Courses will pay N25,000 only
  • Participants are entitled to free Lecture Notes, however, preference is given to the first 50 participants to register
VALUE ADDED PACK includes but not limited to:
- Intensive Entrepreneurship Training
- Leadership in Business
- Emotional Intelligence Coaching
NB: Forms are available at the marketing office of NTA Jos
- Our team is composed of professional resource persons and technical experts that will give you value for your money.
* For enquiries, sponsorship, seat reservation and additional information 

Call: Mr. Peter on - 08066389542