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PHOMAMO CONTEST 2017 - Photographers, Make-up Artist and Models

Are you prolific, committed and passionate in photography, makeup and modeling? Or do you Know any one who is good in this?
PHOMAMO Contest 2017 presents an opportunity for you to win up to N50,000. It takes one photographer, one Make-up Artist and one Model coming together to form a team. All the team of 3 needs to do is put 3 photos to enter for the contest.

The photographer is only requested to snap three pictures only; a close shot showing the face, illustrating the makeup. Then a half shot, showing from the waist upwards and lastly a full picture of the model from head to toe. Push your creativity to the limit with angles, photo shopping and quality texture based on your discretion.

The models facial expression, pose and eye concepts is primed on their choice.... Pushing all the limits to make the outlook standout. It is important for all models to wear a round neck tshirt and a jean trouser for the shots.... It should be uniform for all entries. Hairdo is not suggested but must not be covered.
This contest is to encourage creative entrepreneurs with funds that will elevate their endeavors and give them huge publicity thereby having thousands of people knowing what they do and how to reach them. everyone who enters the competition gains.
First prize is #50,000, first runner up gets #30,000 and the second runner gets #20,000 ( and we hope to make it bigger prizes in subsequent contest)

 For More details and to Participate... 08063939691, 08038214090 (call or whatsapp)

 Note Entry is allowed for residents within Nigeria