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Nigerians react to indefinite extension of vacation - "We deserve to know if Buhari is dead or alive"

After writting to the National Assembly seeking to extend his vacation in the UK, Nigerians have taken to the social media, especially Twitter, to voice their concerns and fears about the health of President Muhammadu Buhari,
president Buhari left the country on January 19 on his annual leave  and was expected to resume work on February 6.

However, his Special Assistant on Media, Femi Adesina in a statement released on Sunday, confirmed his principal has extended his vacation indefinitely.
Here are some of the tweets from citizens who are worried about the development.
‏@OLumiOO: It won’t take buhari anything to release a video to confirm his “Alive” status.
Michael – ‏@mogentle: At this point, a million pictures proves nothing about Buhari’s true health status until he returns.
EmmaCraft – ‏@emmanuel_nzube: Buhari extends vacation at this juncture, we need to ask FR Mbaka if Buhari’s bird is still flying
Emeka – ‏@EmekaEmezue: Pray tell, does anyone know what is ailing Buhari?
david osadolor – ‏@david_mayor1: I dreamt last week that Buhari tendered his resignation coz of ill health and handed over to Osinbajo, I hope this comes to pass
‏@umohjoe: See how Buhari disappoints his apologists who have thought and sworn he will be back today to resume work tomorrow like Channel TV
Lanre Yusuf – ‏@lance458 I have received insults and abuses for Insisting buhari was only resting but to now hear he awaits test result makes me feel like a big fool
Dr. Njakiri Damages ‏- @DrDamages: Buhari’s health situation. The presidency must now explain to the people. Continuing silence does not serve the country well.
Lil_makhi – ‏@KvngRoxie: Seriously, where is our President? Where is Buhari? Nigerians!!
ThankGod Ukachukwu ‏- @tksilicon: Next time Fayose tells you that Buhari is not fit to rule Nigeria, hold your peace and insults. Buhari is a sick man, lacks the capacity!
Femi Owoeye – ‏@MrFemiOwoeye Till Buhari shows up physically, I won’t be tagging him in tweets.. I cannot come and be sending messages to a dead man. 🚶🚶🚶
PDP Halifax – ‏@HalifaxPDP: APC, FG please fear God and tell Nigerians the truth about Buhari
Buhari is human he is not god
Tell us the truth and we shall pray for him
‏@UberGooner: Maybe Buhari is dead. We can only hope it’s true
Seyi – ‏@cheyi_respect Buhari keeps disappointing the same people that believed in him and keep justifying people that didnt.
ADEYEMI ORESANYA – ‏@YemiOres: President Buhari extends vacation indefinitely on medical reasons…and d SA still wants us to believe all is well….we are watching