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Plateau State Governor condemns eviction notice to Igbos by Northern Youth Group.

Recall that on Tuesday 6th June, A so called 'prominent Northern youth organisations'  held a meeting in Kaduna where they asked Igbos residing in the region to leave on or before October 1st this year.(Read) 

This declaration has sparked off many arguments as it does not promote national Unity in any ramification.

The Plateau State Governor, Rt Hon Simon Lalong through his Director of Press and Public Affairs, Emmanuel Nanle has issued a statement condemning such declaration and to further clarify the position of the state, pointing that "it does not represent the position of the Youth of Northern Nigeria much less the North".

Read the press release on the position of Plateau State Governor on the Eviction Notice by the Arewa Youth Group.

The Executive Governor of Plateau State, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong has berated the group of Northern Nigerian Youth, who issued an eviction order to South-Easterners to vacate the North on or before the 1st October, 2017. The Governor in a statement made available, signed by his Director of Press and Public Affairs, Emmanuel Nanle said the Order is not only ill conceived and low in public morality but also an open exhibition of the total departure from the virtues and values of communality, accommodation and peaceful coexistence that characterizes the true Northern spirit.

He regretted that a highly volatile issue of this nature could be made an agenda for grand standing by a group of so called Northern Youth Groups, in the face of the concerted efforts being put in place to douse the condemnable secessionist agitation of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB).

The Governor added that at this time that all compatriots are working hard to solidify the bounds of National Integration and Unity, Citizens Journalism should make for the censorship of retrogressive contributions to National Discourse like that of the Arewa Youth and IPOB.

He called on his Colleague Governors in the South Eastern Nigeria to resist any attempt however remotely motivated to create value for the position of the Northern Youth by making it an agenda for any discussion because it is of no essence and does not represent the position of the Youth of Northern Nigeria much less the North.

Governor Lalong further assured the citizens of Plateau that the State is a miniature Nigeria and that ever since General Yakubu Gowon preached the ‘Go on with One Nigeria’, acronym of his name and the Three Rs post Civil War Nation Building Project, the People of Plateau remain committed to respecting and protecting all the rights of citizens as enshrined in the Constitution and this Rescue Administration in the State will ensure.

Samuel Emmanuel Nanle
Director, Press & Public Affairs
8th June, 2017