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How to Organize a Successful Musical Gig

Holding a live music experience, gig, event, or concert is a perfect way of gaining experience. You can also get people to know you, or make a little money out of it. It sounds like an easy task, but with the wrong planning, everything will come crumbling down. You need to make sure that you have enough material to sing or adequate instruments.

Understand Your Audience
This is the first stage of organizing for any event. You need to know your audience. What do they need, what can they afford and what challenges do they have? These information will inform you on how much you will charge and where you will need to locate the event.
Choose a Proper Venue
If you are selling tickets for your show, you need to sell out, or at least look like it’s sold out, or make the place seem full. You wouldn’t wish to experience the feeling of a half empty venue. As a budding artist or performer, selling out all tickets may be far-fetched but you can at best have a small venue. You can have an initial audience target of 200 and grow from there.
You need to have some tickets printed from your home computer or have ones that have a tear off slip. Decide to have reduced prices for people who will buy the tickets in advance. This incentive is liked by people and is also a way of showing commitment to the event.
Promote the Event
Advertisement is everything. The more you advertise, the better it will be for you. Begin with the free avenues conveyed to you such as social media. Send messages to your social media contacts, post and tweet about the event. If you have a website with a considerable following, you need to update the event on it.
Posters are still a great way of reaching out to people. A colored A3 or A4 poster will attract the attention of individuals. Locate them strategically where they can be seen. Again, don’t forget to mention the venue of the event and if possible, include a map.
Get Your Instruments Ready
You wouldn’t want to have failing equipment during the event day. One needs to get quality microphones, guitars, keyboards, etc. from reputable stores. You need to buy your own instruments if you do not wish to engage in long term hiring. Checking out digital piano reviews on can inform you on the right piano for concerts.
Research for Any Required Permits
If you are performing in a bar, you don’t need to worry much. Yet, if you or your musicians plan to have a ticketed event in a park, then you will need to do some paperwork. You may also need to pay up an amount for the venue.  If it is going to be on your campus or college, then the school administration will be your city council.
After creating a name and chances for yourself, others will follow without struggling. Although you need not be too optimistic, they do happen.

by Brad Richardson