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Musician Mallam Razphil encourages Nigerian Youths to get a "Decision Card"

Music Artist Mallam Razphil, has gone all out on social media to encourage Nigerian Youths to get a "Decision Card" which is a Voters Card as the registration is ongoing.

He Wrote:
There is a voter registration currently on-going around the country but the story from our enclave is disheartening. Our young men and women who just turned 18 have shunned the exercise. Those who have lost their PVC are not placing a demand for a new one. This is the highest height of ignorance any community can exhibit at a time when voting has become a matter of life and death. While others are busy manipulating the process in order to register more people than are physically available, some privileged people have willfully resolved to forfeit their rights and to damn the future and its consequences.

I am using this medium, the only medium readily available for mass dissemination of information, to appeal to parents, teachers, pastors, imams, churches, mosques, work place leaders, opinion, traditional and community leaders to individually and collectively make it a point of sacred duty to encourage their families, youths, their adherents and all those who have attained the age of 18 since last elections and those that have lost their PVC to start going to registration centers located at LGC secretariats immediately. It is highly preposterous and a display of crass ignorance to ignore, neglect, abandon or jettison this very crucial exercise. It is not about political parties but about our rights to participate in the political process. Now that we have issues with those that lead us and we desire to change them, this is the opportunity to obtain the weapon that can help you choose your preferred candidate when the time comes. Don't leave your destiny in the hand of your enemy. You may not have faith in the system, but have faith in God and believe that things can change. Stand up and do the needful today. [Daniel Shaga ISMAILA]