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Shocking as Man kills wife in Plateau state after impregnating house help

Reports say that one 37 year old Mr Victor from Pankshin local government area of Plateau state killed his wife in cold blood after impregnating House help.

The sad story was posted on Facebook by OAP Lukman Bello, he wrote;
Man kills wife in Jos after impregnating House Made: Mr Victor is 37 years old.He is from Pankshin local government area of Plateau state.
   He works with the National Industrial court.He is married to Irene Manghai, an indigene of Bokkos LGA.According to Mrs Manghai ,Irene's mother, Victor was fond of beating his wife Irene who has two children  for him.
   Last year, Victor had an illicit affair with their house help which led to pregnancy,on finding out, Irene the wife sent the house girl packing.This did not go down well with Victor but the issue was settled .
   Irene recently started cultivating a farm in Rantya, Victor didn't like the idea, that led to an altercation between them,They had a quarrel last year and Victor beat her up again.She left the house but Victor rushed to his Pastor's place and he went to beg on his behalf.Irene was eight months pregnant already so even without informing her mother, she went back to Victor 's house.
     On 2nd of June, Victor went to GSS West of Mines where Irene teach French,He took her to the farm but it was her dead body that left the farm.Victor rushed her to Airforce miIlitary hospital where she was confirmed dead.While Victor was eager to go and bury her after telling them she fell down and died.The doctors insisted on an autopsy after noticing some strange marks on her neck.The autopsy revealed that a chain like object was used on her neck and she was suffocated to death.
   Victor was arrested and fours days later ,he confessed to the crime but said they had a problem on the farm after which Irene hit him with a hoe, that led to a fight and it was while struggling with the hoe that the hoe hurt her neck.
The police and Doctors faulted Victors submission saying Irene was murdered in cold blood as her nose was blocked.Irene's mother suspects that he must have murdered her in his car as he had no business been on the farm that day.She suspects he might have killed her because of his ongoing affair with their former househelp or because of the disagreement over the ownership of the farm which he didn't know was leased to her,he thought she bought the farm and he wondered where she got the money.What do you think about the story?