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Nigerian Patriots Call advocates National Dialogue to build strong, united Nigeria

Nigerian Patriots Call (NPC), a collection of Nigerians from different religious and ethnic affiliations, has called on the Federal Government to initiate a national dialogue towards building strong and united nation.

The group which is made of leaders, professionals and Nigerians of goodwill, from within and outside the country , made the call on Sunday at a rally and interactive session  it held to declare its support for ‘indivisible Nigeria’ at the Unity Fountain in Abuja.

Dr Uche Diala, the Lead Convener of the group, said that a national dialogue that involves Nigerians across tribal, religious, economic and political strata was imperative to salvage the nation from divisive sentiments.
“We as patriots for united Nigeria based on equity, truth and justice wants the Federal Government to take steps towards convening a genuine and non-political national dialogue.
“In the last couple of months, it has become clear that no part of Nigeria is indispensible and no tribe or region is less important than the other.
“It has also become clear that we all need one another and that a united Nigeria is not just the right thing to do, but the only practical, realistic and sensible option for us.
“There is no doubt   that feelings of marginalization and injustice abound in the land, especially among our younger citizens.
“However, the approach that has been adopted by some of the actors is totally unacceptable and portends grave danger for our dear nation.

 “Therefore, there is genuine need to address these feelings of discord and discontent,” he stressed.
Diala noted that although Nigeria has had several national conferences in the past, they were seen to have some political undertones.
He added that there was need to hold a national dialogue that will address the current realities facing Nigeria existence as a state.
“We need an independent national dialogue that will not be sponsored by the Government of the day and the ruling class, who may find it possible to influence its outcome.
“In this dialogue, ordinary Nigerians of all nationalities should decide who represent them on the round-table, and put in their time and resources for it to be truly independent.
“Nigeria needs all-inclusive conversation to address salient issues that will help to heal our land and get us on a path to true national growth, unity, progress and prosperity,” he said.
Also, Mr Efe Williams, a co-convener of the group, noted that restructuring or secession was not the antidote to Nigeria challenges.
According to him, Nigeria needs justice, equity and genuine patriotism, especially from political leaders.
“The people who want us apart do not have our collective interest at heart, and those who call for peace and restraint are not cowards.
“There is no doubt that Nigeria, like any other society in world, has its challenges, but they are not insurmountable.
“What we need as a nation is sincerity, equity and oneness of purpose, and not restructuring”, he said.
The group declared its full support for the President Muhhammadu Buhari led Federal Government’s war against corruption and its efforts towards nation building.
It stated that it was planning to champion a mass movement for truth and reconciliation which will strive initiate national discourse towards a united Nigeria.
 The Patriots concluded the rally by reasserting its stand on a united Nigeria, through what it called “THE ABUJA DECLARATION.”
They took a stand that “Nigeria remains a united and indivisible entity and any individual, groups of individuals working against that should desist forthwith.”
“No one Nigerian or group of Nigerians or section or sections of  Nigeria is superior to the other and therefore none has the right to victimize, dominate, marginalizeor   intimidate the other.
“We declare as null and void and of no consequence the purported quit notice issued by a group to other citizens.”

The group, therefore urged the Federal Government to, as a matter of necessity, put in place mechanisms and strategies that will culminate into a fruitful dialogue by Nigerians.