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Angry Nigerian Dad Disgraces Son-in-Law on Wedding Day

A Nigerian father left people dazed after embarrassing his son-in-law during the wedding ceremony as guests watched. 
A dramatic incident has taken place at a wedding in Lagos after a Nigerian dad angrily dragged his son-in-law who was under his daughter's wedding dress trying to remove the garter.
According to eyewitnesses, the groom tried to retrieve his wife’s garter by burying his head under her dress as guests cheered him on only for the pissed father of the bride to immediately drag him by the legs.
The wedding garter which is an old western tradition whereby the groom removes the bride’s garter in front of witness, and then, tosses the piece to the unmarried bachelors in the crowd as a sign of good luck.
Many people have seen it as unacceptable in Africa just like the bride's father who intervened at the wedding. Many suggested the bride's father might have thought the groom was giving his daughter oral sex.