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Photos: devastation and killings in Ancha village of Bassa LGA, Plateau

Following the guerrilla attack on Ancha village of Bassa LGA, ViewPointNigeria visited the area today (9th September 2017) to understand the exact nature of the devastation and carnage.

It was incredibly heart breaking to see the level of devastation and hopelessness, particularly as several women, children and the aged were killed. Additionally, no relief agencies or materials had reached the very desperate victims and as such there were desperate pleas for help.
This morning (9th September 2017), several of the dead were given a mass burial amidst tears and despair.
See the pictures below.
One of the survivors who lost several family members

Bloods stained floor, with the slippers of one of the victims

Site of mass burial of many of the dead

Blood stained door and bed where a victim was slayed.

Abandoned clothes of victims

Bullet hole through a large bowl (basin)

Clothes and belonging of the dead

Youths patrolling and securing the area

Relatives thronging in and out of the area to see friends and family

Some villagers being evacuated from the area

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