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Saraki's Emergence As The Senate President Saved The Senate From Being Hijacked By The Cabal

Politicians are always respected when they have the influence to turn things around. As a result, political elites are always in an endless battle to either ignite or reignite such influence and set it in motion at all times. When a politican gradually begins to lose influence, especially financial and political clout, such a politician then begins to lose relevance and gradually go into oblivion.

When the 2015 general elections were conducted and the All Progressives Congress (APC) won majority of the  seats in the National Assembly among others, the battle for those that would take the mantles of leadership of the both chambers at the National Assembly began in an intensed manner.

The cabal had people they wanted to place in such advantegous positions so that they can easily have control and influence over the activities of the National Assembly through them.

The Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki was not among those on the "golden list" of the cabal. When Saraki emerged as the Senate President against their preferred candidate, that was when their fight against Saraki took fierced fronts.

Saraki is someone you cannot easily control. You cannot play any kind of music and expect him to dance. That is why the cabal don't like him.

Saraki as the Senate President has saved the Senate from being hijacked by the cabal who would have used the Senate including the House of Representatives for their diabolical schemes.

Even at the heart of the recession, he was sanguine about prospects for the Nigerian economy. Despite his relentless efforts towards making Nigeria better, some groups of people who have been beguiled by haters of Saraki keep engaging in scurrilous attacks on his personality.

Saraki has done great and is still doing great to make the 8th Senate more impactful and also ensure that the overall interest of Nigeria should be first at all times above personal and political interests since he is always solicitous about the welfare of Nigerians.

By Terfa Naswem