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Unity Is A Tool For Positive Development, Says Rep Mato

The member of the House of Representatives for Vandeikya/Konshisha Federal Constituency of Benue State, Rt. Hon. Mrs Dorothy Mato says unity is a tool for positive development and if her constituents must contribute to positive development in the area, they must learn to live together and promote unity, diversity and tolerance in their respective communities.

In a statement issued through her media department, Hon Mato said she has great respect for the people she represents and would be glad if they will complement the good work she is doing by being united against all odds.

She said that man religiously speaking is a product of unity. In the Christian creation story for instance, Genesis recorded that God the father alone created all that were created within the first five days of creation. When it came to the creation of man, He said, “Let us make man in our own image”. From the biological point of view, the union of the male and female sex gametes results in the formation of man. It is not a single, divided affair! These show that we are all product of unity.

In the corridor of absence of true unity, there are lies, dishonesty, selfishness, racism, discrimination, murder, callousness, injustice, obscurantism, tribalism, inequality and lots more of those mind destructives that are inimical to local, national and international development.

“In the absence of love, we have divided unity, sorrowful joy, untrustable trusts, frowning smiles, unjustifiable justice and fact-coated lies. Let us all come together in love because as Selwyn Hughes rightly said, “where love is lacking, all is lacking.” There will certainly be biased development. We need to love one another with unconditional love that can never be swept away by the winds and storms of differences and eroded by the raging waves of divided opinion. If all the people of vandeikya and Konshisha LGAs will promise themselves that as surely as the sun and the moon remain up high in the sky, they will continue to love their neighbours, then they will see true unity and witness great transformation in this generation and generations to come!” She said.

Just like Victor Kitchen said that “the hope of the future lies not in better human inventions but in better human relations” she concluded that the hope of the future of the people of her constituency, Benue state and Nigeria lies not in the number of inventions or technological advancement but in promoting unity, peace and love. Only these can keep us away from violence, crisis and war.