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My father once got me arrested - Davido

One of Nigeria's top musicians, Davido, has revealed how his father once arrested him because of his decision to go into music.

He said his father was initially not in support of his decision to take on music as a career.

Davido, born in Atlanta, US, told newsmen in an interview that his father was not impressed when he left the US where he was studying Engineering to return to Lagos to pursue carrier in music.

“My dad didn’t like me doing music! If he saw my face on a billboard, he’d arrest everybody at that show!
“But when I made the song ‘Dami Duro’ [2011], it became the biggest track in Africa; it’s saying: ‘I’m the son of a rich man, you can’t stop me, and people love me.’
“It now feels good for dad to see that music can take me this far.
“It’s the internet and social media.
“I’m telling you, Nigerians have a supportive force, an amazing energy and has always been very big on entertainment. Beyoncé and Kanye felt it on their visits to Nigeria.
“Now the music industry in Nigeria is like a government ministry; it’s worth billions. There are so many artists in Nigeria that you might not have heard of, but trust me, they’re doing well.”