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RE:Lalong's Endless Gaffes and the Dilemma of his Spokesman

RE:Lalong's Endless Gaffes and the Dilemma of his  Spokesman

No matter the back to back Press Releases of the Sen Jang Media team, he remains an unrepentant Hypocrite who has  surrounded himself  with rent seekers who   tantalize and help help him bask in the Euphoria of his Creation of Institutions whose mandate were compromised and as such, they never added value to the peace process on the plateau. In the Eight years of Sen Jang as Governor, Plateau lost more lives in the violent crises precipitated by his  attitude and style of  Governance, than those put together in the entire years of the state's existence. Repeatedly the massage of his megalomaniac ego by sycophants within and around the corridors of power during his time, has kept him from ever thinking there could ever be an  alternative to war for the peace of the land.
For Governor Lalong, he remains committed to keeping Plateau peaceful for all citizens within the understanding of the common humanity of mankind. For the records and to the utter disappointment of those who would wish otherwise, Governors Lalong and Ortom will never be at daggers drawn, neither will the people of Benue be brought to the level of animosity for their brothers and sisters on the plateau, because of orchestrated media war by fifth columnists. Governor Lalong's peaceful entreaties to the Governor, Government and Good people of Benue state is gradually leaving no one in doubt as to the fact that his statement was not ill intended or designed in anyway, to justify the barbaric killings in Benue. The Governor knows the pain of losing loved ones and cannot make light the grief of a mass loss of innocent lives. The days ahead will no doubt unveil the good outcome of these entreaties which place the benefit of the long standing relationship between Benue and Plateau States, over an above any self serving interest.

Emmanuel Nanle

(Director of Press and Public Affairs to the Executive Governor of Plateau State)