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Bearing European names is a sign of inferiority complex for Africans - Omokri

The number one bestselling author and former aide to Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Pastor Reno Omokri, has urged Africans, especially Nigerians, to stop bearing European names but should, instead, bear and be proud of their African names.

Pastor Omokri who decried the spate at which Africans bear foreign names also said that it is a sign of inferiority complex for Africans to bear European names. Omokri said neither him nor his children bear foreign names.

He therefore urged Africans to disregard the myth that says Africans may lose opportunities if they don’t bear European names. According to him, “Neither my children nor I have any European names. We all proudly have ONLY African names (Reno is Itsekiri).

“The attitude Africans ought to have is that neither they nor their children should bear Western or non African names since Europeans and non Africans don’t bear African names.
“And don’t believe the myth that they will lose opportunities due to African sounding names.

America elected a man named Barack Hussein Obama. “It does not get more ethnic than that. Streatham in the UK elected a Member of Parliament called Chuka Umunna.”

Pastor Omokri also urged Africans not to believe the fallacious statement which holds that Westerners might not be able to pronounce African names, maintaining that if Westerners can pronounce names with much consonant cluster like in ‘Schwarzenegger’, then there is no reason why they (Westerners) can’t pronounce simple African names.

“Also don’t be fooled by theories that Westerners will never be able to pronounce African names. Is your name more complicated than Schwarzenegger or Xiaoping? “If they could pronounce those names, they can pronounce yours. If they can’t pronounce it, it is because they don’t want to!”