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Confirmed Impact Maker on the Plateau - Chillers Portakabin - WHOisWHO Awards (Photo/Video)

CHILLERS PORTAKABIN is a confirmed impact maker on the Plateau with an IMPACT MAKERS AWARD. WHO is WHO Awards ASSEMBLY OF NOBLES 2018.
Check out this Personal Interview as the Manager talks about Chillers Portakabin as an impact maker in Plateau State.
Watch Short video below....

WHO IS WHO AWARDS: It is now time to recognise the Best persons, Companies and organizations in almost every field, walks of life and Vocation, Hence the need for the programme titled " WHO is WHO Awards®©". WHO is WHO Awards®© is a National Organization Duly certified and protected by the Nigerian copy right commission, Nigerian Cooperate affairs commission and the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment.

We are determined to Recognise , promote and market those who have been found exceptional in their field and endeavour , we will give a maximum Local, National and international publicity to those who win our awards as we have a firm grip on the Media, we will perform the WHO is WHO Awards®©".programme in almost every state in Nigeria starting with plateau state. We hereby present to you, the award of all awards , The most anticipated event in every city  , WHO is WHO Awards®©".

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  • 15th April, 2018. - Impact Makers Dinner and Assembly Of Nobles 2018 at Mees Palace Event Centre Jos, Plateau State