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WorldCup2018: Satguru Maharaj Ji Blames Super Eagles Flop On White Coach

Satguru Maharaj Ji
Nigerian spiritual leader, Satguru Maharaj Ji has blamed the Super Eagles’ failure at the ongoing World Cup in Russia on the team’s coach.
The renowned Living Perfect Master, said he had earlier raised an alarm over the Eagles’ White coach, saying he knew he would flop at the tournament.
Maharaj Ji maintained that though, he’s not a racist but Nigeria do not need an ‘Oyinbo’ coach to perform.
“We have proved whatever they have said to be lies, .. we have seen everything to be yahoo… We need the humble ones to come up, those who can be trusted.” he added.
The founder of One Love Family, further ridiculed Lionel Messi’s performance at the tournament.
Watch a video of him making the comments below: